A Noble Grey Marble Eagle

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Specifications: Weight 10kg (22 lbs). Height: 43 cm (17 in). Wingspan 35.5 cm (14"). Base: 15 cm x 14 cm (6 in x 5.5 in).

We guarantee that this artwork will arrive in perfect condition or your purchase price will be returned to you. We will insure the shipment. If damage occures, your payment will be refunded to you as soon as proof of damage has been received.

Shipping Info: We acquired this sculpture (and many others) while exploring Vietnam, directly from the craftsman that created it. This work of art was shipped to us by sea and by train and arrived at our Ontario location almost two months later. Once receive we unpacked and inspected it and photographed it again. We will repack it securely in a sturdy impact cushioned crate and ship it to you by FedEx. If you have questions about this sculpture, please don't hesitate to email us. If you provide us with a phone number, we will call you.

Description of the Grey Marble Eagle

The difficulty of creating 'wings' on a one piece, solid marble sculpture is great! It takes years of experience to do it well. Imagine the size of the original block of marble needed to produce this magnificent work of art. Then, try to imagine the time and patience it takes to chisel away to make the shape of the wings perfectly, and without breaking one! After weeks of arduous work, one mistake could break a wing and ruin the project completely. The sculptor needed nerves of steel and an unbreakable self confidence to begin such a delicate and complicated project. Only with years of experience and a natural artistic ability could he make this eagle well and at the same time, capture the bold and beautiful profile of the noble looking bird. The Uniqueness of this hand chiseled and lovely sculpture is that it's truly well done, one-of-a-kind, and the shape, size, color cannot be duplicated! This eagle needs a well lighted location. In a bright light, the marble sometimes sparkles a little.

The Significance of the Bird in Feng Shui

Bird is the symbol of freedom and happiness. Birds can also be used to symbolize love and commitment (such as Mandarin ducks), or good luck and abundance (as in the case of the peacock). In feng shui applications, birds are powerful symbols of new opportunities that are always there for you even in times of adversity.

Feng shui-wise, attention is usually paid to numbers, colors, as well as the symbolism of specific birds. Placement in the right direction is also necessary to bring prosperity and good luck. According to feng shui, you should place such artworks in the North and East directions as it brings luck and many helpful friends in your life. It is also important to make sure that the direction of the flight has to be facing in the house so that you will meet many considerate and good friends in your life. Birds that are moving out of your house may indicate the children or inmates may move out of the house.

if you are concerned about your business, company or home, select a picture or figure of an eagle. Display of eagles gives confidence and growth in business. It also develops qualities of leadership like the eagle that like to fly high in the sky and are sharp witted and have very focused eyesight. You can place it at the entrance to your business or home. This charming bird will also offer great protection by keeping a watchful eye over the premises. A picture of 9 eagles will be an ideal charm for ambitious people, since 9 is the numeral of the East. The eagle will be helping the owner to be competent and self-assured in any situation.

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Grey Marble Eagle Specifications