About LaCloche Gallery

Asian sculpture, carvings, wilderness paintings, and other works of art to grace your home, office or for gifts, located in Onario Canada.

Our site will not be fully operational until about the middle of May 2017. Should you have a question about anything you see here, please use our contact page to send us a message.

Asian Art Located in Canada:

We are Canadians who recently spent many months in Vietnam. Over a period of two years and two separate trips exploring Vietnam, we managed to find unique, skilled, and established artisans and artists who produce high quality paintings, carvings and marble and quartz sculptures. Our artisans and artists operate successful family businesses in Asia where they have been operating there for many years. We have imported many sculptures and paintings to our Canada location so shipping from our base in Sudbury Ontario, to destinations in North America or Europe, is very straight forward. We also will offer dozens of pieces of sculpture, carvings and other art that we can ship directly from Vietnam.

Security of Supply and Delivery:

We have established reliable suppliers and shipping companies and methods in Vietnam. We took the time and the risk so that we can offer you the security of dealing with us in Ontario rather than attempting to deal directly with foreign suppliers. We deal directly with established artisans we know and trust who manage the packing and shipping of our orders via world class steam ship companies. Our orders usually travel by ship from Vietnam to Singapore, to Vancouver and then by train to Toronto and truck to our Ontario location. We deal with customs, duties and taxes. From our location we inspect and repack orders to ship to our customers located any where in the world, via FedEx. Shipping costs are included for continental locations in Canada and the the lower 48 states of the USA. Orders placed for other countries or regions may incur shipping costs that must be calculated and agreed to before placing an order.

Asian Art Located in Vietnam

We offer many sculptures and carvings (so noted) that are still located in Asia. We take away the risk and the worry of buying, shipping and importing from a foreign country because we do it for you. We can ship directly from Asia to your location. We manage and include shipping costs in the sale so that the only extra charges you will pay are for import duties (if any) and taxes which we can tell you about in advance. If you see an item that interests you, please contact us for more information.

Feel free to contact us by email via our contact form.
LaCloche Gallery, Killarney, Ontario, Canada, P0M2A0

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